A Few Words About Me

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed? Do you find yourself resorting to negative/unhealthy patterns of behavior? Have you set personal/professional goals- but, find yourself lacking the motivation to achieve them? Are you "going through the motions" -but, failing to be "present" in your own life?

As a licensed Psychologist in clinical practice for twenty-plus years, I have met many individuals who have expressed these concerns, and have likened the therapeutic process to a journey taken together. Moving through one's life story, clients uncover new insights into their own behavior, and begin to figure out "why" they do, "what" they do. From there, efforts are directed toward learning more adaptive patterns of behavior and enhanced coping skills.

With the passage of time, I recognized that the needs of my clients could be best served by utilizing the advances of technology- specifically, video chat. Flexibility in scheduling, an array of services, and a customized "action plan," tailored to each individual's needs, offer easy access to ongoing personal growth, mindfulness, inspiration and motivation.

Dr. M

My specialties include anxiety and depression, relationship dynamics, self-esteem and self-confidence, mindfulness training, and inspirational and motivational empowerment. I've written numerous articles, and have developed a Relationship Profile Assessment (RPA) for use in clinical practice. Aside from my passion for this field, I enjoy taking long walks, listening to music, reading, watching beautiful sunsets, and spending time with my family, friends, and beloved dog, Bobo.

This endeavor is lovingly dedicated in honor of my mother, and in memory of my dear father- who inspired me every day of my life with his kindness, his positive outlook, and the gracious way he treated all people.

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